Are you seeking the next level of freedom, joy, peace & happiness?

Are you ready to let go of unhealthy patterns?


If so, then State Shifters bi weekly coaching corner is for you....👋

Stuck In Old Patterns that don't serve you?...

  • You know it is time to change, but you just can’t get started. Your old habits are sticky like chewing gum on the pavement. It keeps you stuck, and you feel helpless.


  • You've read some personal development books, listened to some podcasts and you even follow a few inspirational accounts on social media to help change your mindset, but no matter what, you keep going back to old patterns.

When your behaviours are keeping you stuck, it’s time for some extra support and guidance.


If you resonate with any of this then State Shifters Bi weekly coaching corner is perfect for you.

Our bi-weekly coaching calls create a safe structure and environment for you to embody, express and love yourself more fully. Practical insights and wisdom are at your disposal for doing the inner work.


Our coaching sessions are designed to bring big results in just a short space of time. Even better- they’re available every two weeks – so once you start making the changes you want, you don't have to stop. You can continue making progress until you reach your goals!


Join the State Shifters Coaching Community to cultivate health and flow in your life!



Say Hello To Jordan...

Hey I'm Jordan, your Head Coach and creator of this program!


Through getting shamed as a kid for expressing my voice, experiencing low self worth and coping with emotional pain by creating addictive patterns to escape, I hit a massive low in my life.


After hitting a breaking point, I made a decision I was going to face my greatest fears. I became obsessed with improving myself and learning everything I know about mastering my internal world so I could live a life of meanings and purpose.


After going through my own self worth journey, I decided It's time to teach others how to do the same.


After quitting my corporate Accounting job and travelling the world to work alongside some of the best teachers, coaches, healers, and leaders - life took me on the path to helping others through transformation coaching & speaking.


I now live in Perth Western Australia and facilitate online coaching programs to help people de condition any outdated programming so they can embody the fullest expression of themselves.


I'm so passionate about helping people access their full potential and I'm excited that we will potentially work together!

The Program Is Perfect for you if...

  • Intellectually you understand some of the best and most common personal development concepts and ideas, but struggle to implement the information you know.

  • You feel like you are working tirelessly on your personal growth but find yourself in the same position time and time again.

  • You’re prepared to put in the work and transform yourself… you just need to be told exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • You want to let go of emotional blocks and heal your inner child so you can experience more love and joy, you just don't know where to begin.

  • You want to start raise your self worth and confidence, but don't have any tools to do so or know where to start.

  • You are so willing to do the inner work and you know that the missing ingredient is simply a support network to lean on and keep you accountable.

  • You want to find your life purpose and vision, then be able to make it a reality and get paid for doing what you love, but you just don’t know where to start.

  • You’re fed up with habits and addictions that don't serve you … you're ready to change but just needs the guidance and accountability to do so.

  • You’re ready to discover your uniqueness & express yourself from a place of passion and joy so you can have a massive impact on the world.

What You'll receive...

  • Bi Weekly Group Coaching Calls

    We will be going deep each week with comprehensive training on how to Let go of emotional blocks, integrate your trauma, find your life purpose, how to raise your confidence and self worth, connect with your inner child, transform your self image and answer any questions you have!

  • Online Video Portal

    Once you become a member, you will receive access to a portal with a ton of different videos, guided meditations, and resources to support you in implementing the insights from our calls. You will also get access to All Previous Call Recordings

  • Consistent
    Free Upgrades

    I'm always adding extra content and resources to support you in your journey.

  • Meditation Playlists

    You’ll get access to a number of different meditations and audio playlists to help release suppressed emotions and allow you manifest at a faster rate.

  • Private Facebook Support Group

    You’ll receive access to a members only private Facebook support group so you have a close tribe to lean on when or if get things get challenging and continue with your healing journey with a tribe of people rather than doing it alone.

  • Bonus Online Workshops

    You'll receive bonus online workshops on the topic of building a stronger relationship with yourself and finding your life purpose

Results You Can expect...

Frequently Asked questions...

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What happens if I can't attend the call live?

Can men join this program?

Who will be leading the calls each week?

I'm a beginner, and new to personal development is this right for me?

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